Case Studies: Medical Spa

Back in 2017, Eidyn Digital Marketing worked with a multi-location medical spa in Austin, TX to grow their revenue, improve ads conversion rate, and book more procedures. 

The spa offers a variety of non-surgical aesthetic treatments including BOTOX, injectable dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, non-surgical fat reduction, laser skin resurfacing, and tattoo removal.

“I just want to give Eidyn Digital Marketing a big shout-out for their phenomenal social media campaigns. It’s been only 30 days since our campaign was active and we have done over $13,000 in revenue from the campaign alone, and so far recorded 80 new clients walk-in at two of our locations.” says the Spa Owner 

Before hiring Eidyn Digital, our client was largely dependent on organic SMM, radio campaigns, and referrals to generate enough revenue and improve the number of monthly procedure bookings. 

They were not only struggling to reach a large audience in Texas and the surrounding communities but also had trouble collecting high-quality leads. 

After months of experimentation, our client decided to reach out to us because their marketing campaigns were not converting the way they wanted them to be. They were hoping that Eidyn Digital could help them generate high-converting leads for their different spa locations using the power of Facebook Ads.

And that’s exactly what we did. 

In the next 08 weeks that followed, we helped our client reach out to 60,000+ potential prospects, collect 500 high-converting leads (procedure bookings) with the desired target of 85% conversion rate, and hit the lowest CPL of $8.60. All that in a total ad spend of $4,300. 

Keep reading as we map out exactly how it was done, where we ran the ads, what challenges did we overcome, and what had the biggest impact on the success of the campaign. 

The Challenge

  • The client had a pre-existing website, but it was poorly designed and difficult to navigate. On top of that, it did not show the discount offers customers can avail of at their specific locations. So we had to work from scratch and design landing pages that would communicate their message and showcase location-specific discount offers for the customers. 
  • We had to embed the landing pages with clear CTAs and integrate it with the Facebook Pixel to effectively target audiences across multiple locations and improve the conversion rate. 
  • We had to study the ad campaign data that was previously available on the client’s ad account to correctly identify the loopholes and cut down on any unnecessary experimentation. 
  • We had to work on the creatives and assets from scratch and find the winning elements quickly to ensure we were collecting maximum leads.   
  •  The client needed high-quality leads (contact form submissions for appointment/service bookings) with a high conversion potential under $30 CPL.

The Process

  • To begin addressing the challenges, we audited our client’s account to find opportunities. We discovered three main areas we need to focus on:
  1. Campaign Budget Optimization
  2. Designing new landing pages with easy navigation and clear CTAs
  3. Generating leads and potential customers
  • To design better-performing ads it was important to develop buyer personas and identify the type of audience response we would get from different locations. So, we started our process by collecting as much information as possible about their ideal customers and how their target audiences have interacted with their content.  
  • With the data we collected, we created few high-quality audience sets on Facebook, including lookalike audiences to test our creatives against and market the discount offers.
  • Our visual geniuses and copy wizards created engaging assets and creatives (including static images, GIFs, and videos) to use for both TOF and BOF, retargeting ad campaigns we were to run for the client.  
  • Based on our understanding of the client’s business and industry, we defined measurable KPIs for a medical spa.  
  • We set up 5 ad sets and tested our target audiences in each ad set using 10 different creatives and 5 ad copies. Which had the biggest impact on the success of our campaign. 
  • We worked with an initial budget of $50/day and gradually increased it to $90/day for scaling campaigns (Facebook recommends a 10-20% gradual increase in the budget so that the Algorithm doesn’t get confused) This also helped us lower the cost per conversion.

The Results

Just 4 weeks into the campaign and the results have started to pour in. The numbers we were able to achieve were impressive, to say the least.

  • We helped our client reach out to 60,000+ potential prospects across their target locations with the help of our 4 winning ad sets.
  • Our 10 creatives and 5 ad copies collected 500 high-converting leads (form submissions) for the client.
  • Our TOF and retargeting ad campaigns hit the lowest average CPL of $8.60 for our client with the desired 85% conversion rate.

Running a spa in the US? We can help you fuel some real business growth using the power of FB ads. Drop us a line at insert email/contact form link and we’ll get in touch.